Bee Leaf Yoga is a mindful, pluralist and fun methodology making yoga accessible to everyone

Bee Leaf Yoga's objective is to make the practice of yoga available to everyone, encourage individuals to connect with themselves, build strength, evoke laughter, manage and alleviate stress within a safe, welcoming atmosphere.

The Bee Leaf Yoga Philosophy:

Bee Leaf Yoga is passionate about the environment, human nature and progressive development.

Bee Leaf Yoga appreciates that we live in a pluralist society, recognises what constitutes 'well-being' is different for each individual, respects that each person's journey to yoga and in life is completely unique.

Your story, your journey… What can you expect?

Fun, thoughtful, mindful classes that incorporate flow, strength, balancing, pranayama and mindful relaxation to decompress, reduce stress and re-invigorate!

Founder and Teacher: Lucinda Salameh